Q: I need a ride back from the vet, but I don’t exactly know when I’ll need it.

A: You can let us know you’ll be needing a ride back, and we’ll flag your original reservation to indicate what you will be needing a ride back. Just give us a call when you are close to being ready and schedule a car back home. You may have to wait anywhere from 15-30 minutes for the next available car.


Q: Can I ride with my pet?

A: Yes! You can ride with your pet, or we can transport your pet by itself.


Q: Will you take my pet outside of the city?

A: Yes! We can take your pet anywhere. Please call our offices or email us to get a quote.


Q: When should I book my reservation?

A: The later you wait to book your reservation, the harder it is for us to accommodate your request. For example, If you are calling to request a ride during rush hour of the same day, there might be a longer wait than if you had scheduled the ride in advance. For most cases, 1-2 days in advance is fine.


Q: Does my pet have to travel in a crate?

A: If your pet is a dog, then no. Most customers choose to have their dogs lay on the spacious floor of our vehicles. If your pet is a cat, then yes — re require all cats to be transported in carriers.


Q: I need help getting my cat in its crate. Will your drivers help me?

A: No. You are responsible for coaxing your cat into its carrier. If you want to avoid wait charges, please do this ahead of your scheduled pick up time, as it can take a while for some cats.


Q: Will my pet ever ride in a vehicle with another animal while I’m not there?

A: Absolutely not. Riding with Pet Chauffeur is like booking a private car for your animal.